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Dj Professor E, hailed from the City of Miami, is the Baddest South Florida Female Dj and top 10 in the in the United States. She can go "toe to toe" with anybody, male or female and is sensational with a contagious enthusiasm and larger-than-life personality. She loves music and certainly maintains an authority on electrifying any party in any genre of music whether it's Reggae, Hip-Hop, AfroBeats, Salsa, Kizomba, etc..”My goal and my job is to always make sure that I keep everybody on the dance floor”. Dj Professor E

Contact Information:

Professor E: Managed by Major League Entertainment Group

Tel: (954)641-8366


Instagram: @djprofessor_e


Dj Karamel is Major League Entertainment Group's First Lady. Hailed from the Bahamas, she still enjoys spinning the Afro Beats and any other genre of music on an occasional basis but mainly run's some of the daily activities as the VP of Operations for Major League Entertainment Group. " No matter what the itch to spin and watch the crowd having the time of their life always makes me feel like it's my first time rocking a crowd" Dj Karamel

Contact Information:

Dj Karamel: Currently Inactive

Instagram: @karamel_0426


Dj G-Mixx, is a career Musician in all aspects from producing, writing, singing and one of the hottest male Dj's in the United States. He guarantees you a hot party and the reason why Major League Entertainment Group made sure to bring him on board as an independent contractor for many future events. "If you don't talk about it as one the best party you've been to, then I didn't do my job"-Dj G-Mixx

Contact Information:

Dj G-Mixx

Tel: (786) 357-7907


Instagram: @dj_gmixx


Monsieur Roro’s enthusiasm for music has always been off the charts. Starting with his love for the heavy-bass late ‘80s dancehall to today’s Afrobeat music, his catalog of genres covers most. Through out the years he has rocked club, corporate/private events, weddings and birthday dance-floors. He is a resident deejay for Koneksyon Klasik & Kafe Kreyol Ent. and work with a local musical band, “Friendz” and now with Major League Entertainment  Group. At his event you will hear songs you didn’t even know you wanted to hear and dance to!

Contact Information:


Telephone: (407)694-2302

Instagram: @monsieur_roro


Chef  Valerie Vilme, known as “Chef Val” is the Founder and President of Val’s Kitchen & Catering, LLC. She was born in Port de Paix, Haiti. At a very young age, her love and gift for cooking was apparent to her family. At the age of 13 the whole family use to come running when she made her corn meal and spinach or her to die for Haitian spaghetti. She took her love of cooking and for Haitian cuisine and modernized it while keeping the integrity of the ingredients the same. Her signature dishes includes the “Griot Taco”, “Griot Kabobs” and what she calls “La Pièce de Rèsistance” which is her signature Mac & Cheese, which changed how the outside world views Haitian cuisine.


Professional Miami FL photographer Gabriel Bloncourt, Gaby Photography,  has earned his success and reputation in Florida since 2002. Gaby’s love and fascination for photography started when he was given a toy camera, from his father at the age of 10. He is now THE Miami FL Photographer that can turn your ordinary ideas to extraordinary images, a professional photographer that can turn your simple beauty to an astonishing magazine cover or can simply take any product and turn them in to an international brand.


Dalex SaintJean is the President and Founder of Legacy Media Studios and has established himself as one of the most successful directors in the last 11 years. Over the years, his directing skills have sparked international interest with several awards and has directed several advertising campaigns such as Givenchy, MSC Cruises, Fox Sports, and numerous music videos. His directing skills made a legendary mark on the world of directing that placed him in high demand as one of the most important directors in the industry.


Nathan is an experienced Security professional with over 20 years of experience in the Security industry. He is highly skilled in Security Management with a focus on Events security. Nathan identifies security strategies for various situations and implements them accordingly. His experience and expertise enables him to be successful in all aspects of Security Management. Nathan is certified in CPR, first aid, crisis management, active shooter situations and has his D, G and CCW  licenses.

Contact Information:


Telephone: (954)709-1128

Instagram: @vals_Kitchen

Contact Information:


Telephone: (305)610-9911

Instagram: @gbloncourt

Contact Information:


Telephone: 1(310)999-2718

Instagram: @legacymediastudios

Contact Information:


Telephone: (305)409-1268 

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