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Major League Entertainment Group (MLEG) is a premier events, management and promotions company. Major League Entertainment Group was founded by Ricardo Brutus AKA "Mr. CEO" for the purpose of doing a makeover especially in the Haitian-Caribbean Entertainment Industry, and one that is well overdue. MLEG has created a resourceful and reliable firm with a super team full of expertise in special events and event planning. The Firm strives to provide creative, memorable and out of the norm events that establishes Major League Entertainment Group as a dominant force in the industry. MLEG puts together exciting and one-of-a-kind events through the combination of service, networking, charity, trendsetters, influencers and taste makers. MLEG is an entertainment company with a desire to create memorable events while providing quality services to the consumers. With hard work and dedication, which is MLEG’s core value, have allowed Major League Entertainment Group to rise to elite status in the industry while continuing to create the highest jam packed events and major crossovers.

“I am not a self-proclaimed promoter nor pretending to be something that I am not”

-Mr. CEO

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